Red Division


Ages 11 - 13
Player's Level: Peewee A to Bantam B, this past season
League is Non- Checking

Our ISD approach enables players to learn each skill - such as control, agility, technique, etc. - in a controlled situation. Once the techniques are performed correctly, players are challenged to add speed and push themselves further. During the weekly games, coaches encourage their players to be creative with their new skills and moves.

Our Spring League format includes:

  • Five to seven 60-minute games (including playoffs)
  • Five 50-minute skill sessions (varies by division)
  • Playoffs for each division (up to 1 or 2 more games)
  • One skill session per week
  • One game per week
  • Team jersey and socks
  • Awards for winning teams

Dates: 04/30/2024 - 06/08/2024
Location: Valley Sports Arena, Concord MA
Player Cost: $395.00
Goalie Cost: $135.00 games only

LEAGUE WEB PAGE: Team Roster/Standings/Schedule/Player Stats

final schedule will be completed two weeks before the league starts.

5/1/2024WednesdaySkillsWhite 11,12 /Red,136:10p - 7:00pWhite/Red2
5/2/2024ThursdaySkillsRed 14,15,165:10p - 6:00pRed2
5/4/2024SaturdayGame13 vs 1412:30p - 1:30pRed2
5/4/2024SaturdayGame15 vs 161:40p - 2:40pRed2
5/8/2024WednesdaySkillsWhite 9,10 /Red,146:10p - 7:00pWhite/Red2
5/9/2024ThursdaySkillsRed 13,15,165:10p - 6:00pRed2
5/11/2024SaturdayGame13 vs 1512:30p - 1:30pRed2
5/11/2024SaturdayGame14 vs 161:40p - 2:40pRed2
5/15/2024WednesdaySkillsWhite 11,12 /Red,156:10p - 7:00pWhite/Red2
5/16/2024ThursdaySkillsRed 13,14,165:10p - 6:00pRed2
5/22/2024WednesdaySkillsWhite 9,10 /Red,166:10p - 7:00pWhite/Red2
5/23/2024ThursdaySkillsRed 13,14,155:10p - 6:00pRed2
5/25/2024SaturdayGame13 vs 1612:30p - 1:30pRed2
5/25/2024SaturdayGame14 vs 151:40p - 2:40pRed2
5/29/2024WednesdaySkillsWhite 11,12 /Red,136:10p - 7:00pWhite/Red2
5/30/2024ThursdaySkillsRed 14,15,165:10p - 6:00pRed2
6/1/2024SaturdayGame13 vs 1412:30p - 1:30pRed2
6/1/2024SaturdayGame15 vs 161:40p - 2:40pRed2
6/2/2024SundayGame14 vs 1612:30p - 1:30pRed2
6/2/2024SundayGame13 vs 151:40p - 2:40pRed2
6/6/2024ThursdayPlayoff R # 11st vs 4th6:20p - 7:20pRed2
6/6/2024ThursdayPlayoff R # 22nd vs 3rd7:30p - 8:30pRed2
6/8/2024SaturdayRed Championship13 vs 1612:30p - 1:30pRed2


Do you want to play with a friend?

No problem, just email us your request and we'll do our best to make it happen!

What if the scheduled skill time does not work for us?

We understand that there are other activities going on during the spring so we are very flexible with our skill sessions. If you cannot make your scheduled time, you can attend a different skill session that fits your schedule. Please only move up or down ONE level (age group) for safety reasons (i.e., Gold players cannot attend a White skill session.)

Do you balance the teams / divisions?

Yes, during the first two weeks we evaluate the teams and divisions and make the appropriate changes so the league remains competitive.

Can I Coach?

We are looking for qualified coaches to help with our league. If you are interested please email us.